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How To Accessorise With Jewellery

How To Accessorise With Jewellery

Here at Wild & Fine Towers, we are not fans of rules, so setting out a how to guide about accessorising with our jewellery (or anyone else’s) does not come naturally. You should be able to wear it however you want, and we love those social media pictures of crazy combinations and unusual style pairings . Your style should be an expression of your unique personality, not a carbon copy of something in a blog post or magazine article, so consider what follows as a source of inspiration to start you on a styling journey, not a rule book to restrict you.


In our experience, the best accessories have a back-story that can recall a memory or spark a conversation.

There is your favourite scarf that transports you to the sensory overload of an Indian market and the bone-crushing handshake of the persuasive salesman who sold it to you.

There is the battered gold ring you wear that you never take off, which reminds you of the strong, beautiful woman you were lucky enough to be able to call Grandma.

There is the brooch that is missing a couple of stones but that played an important role as the clasp for your makeshift cape when you were dressing up as an unlikely superhero at the age of five and forcing your siblings to be ‘trapped’ in the shed until you flew in to rescue them.

None of these things would mean much to anyone else, but to you they are a stylistic expression of your past and what it means to be uniquely you. Wear them with pride and enjoy the opportunities they present to share their stories with friends and strangers.


Whether you are terrified of public speaking and have a big presentation looming for work or you are afraid of water but really want to go on that gondola ride in Venice, wear jewellery that is believed to act as a good luck talisman in these situations. By way of example (not an artless sales pitch, honest) aquamarine is believed to be a good luck charm for those travelling by, over or near water. It is also thought to help relax people who have a fear of public speaking and to help them express themselves with clarity and conviction.

Our Sea Urchin and Seahorse Pendants are available with aquamarine detailing and make a wonderfully thoughtful gift for anyone facing up to either of these fears. They will not physically prevent a fall from the stage in front of colleagues or stop a tumble into cloudy Venetian waters, but may provide a focus for nervous energy and allow the wearer to muster the courage to carry on.


Gone are the days of slavishly sticking to one metal and either being a ‘silver girl’ or a ‘gold girl’. Most people tend towards one or the other, but don’t be afraid to add finishing touches in a contrasting metal. If you normally wear silver, lift the monochrome palette with a bit of rose gold now and again to add a bit of warmth. 


Provided you do not spend your days operating heavy machinery in which it could get caught, a long necklace has the power to transform an outfit for the better.  Some stylists even believe that a necklace that hangs just below the bust line makes you appear taller and thinner!


Don’t stop at one necklace; wear two (or more). Create a multi-layered look that showcases contrasting but complementary pieces to step your style up a notch and get noticed for all the right reasons.

If you are not a fan of wearing multiple necklaces, the next best thing is wearing multiple pendants or charms on one chain. Maybe each charm holds a meaning for you, maybe you just liked the look of each of them, either way, wearing them all together means you don’t have to agonise over which one to wear each morning.


And don’t even think of buying one of those packs of stacking bangles! Compile your own stack of bracelets. Change it daily. Enjoy the metallic clatter of them as you type away in the office, whilst revelling in the dirty looks being thrown your way by Tim from Accounts as he tries to dominate the year-end spreadsheet to the discordant soundtrack emanating from your bracelets. You will discover that there are few things more pleasurable.


People who normally manage to accessorise with ease in their everyday lives often falter in confidence when it comes to accessorising their wedding party when they get married. Here are our top three tips for getting wedding jewellery right.

Stay True to You

Don’t let anyone tell you that what you want is not appropriate for a wedding. Your marriage is about you and your partner and you should be able to wear whatever jewellery you want, even if it’s not traditional.

Stay Relevant

If you got engaged on the beach, it’s a nice touch to carry something of that theme through to your wedding day. Maybe your bridesmaids could have marine-themed necklaces or earrings to pay homage to where your wedding journey began. You could even carry the theme through to the groom’s outfit and treat him to a pair of cufflinks to match.  

Support Local

Where possible, employ a small business to make the jewellery for you. Firstly, it will make their day, as one of the best things about being a craftsperson is seeing your work being worn and enjoyed by people during milestone occasions in their lives. Secondly, approaching a local jeweller and designing your wedding jewellery with them makes the whole experience more personal than buying from a high-street chain and you get to create something that is uniquely yours and not one-size-fits-all.

We hope these top tips have inspired you to turn your jewellery box upside-down and rediscover some classic pieces that are integral to your personal ‘story in jewellery’. Wear them alongside the talismans that help you face your fears and the new pieces that you just fall in love with and cannot resist. New jewellery is, after all, just waiting for you to write its story. One day someone else may be wearing the bracelet you buy today and never wanting to take it off because it reminds them of all those adventures you shared together.  

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