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Traditional & Modern Birthstone for April: Diamond 
The most coveted precious stone on the planet, diamonds are a symbol of eternal love and are believed to promote balance, clarity and inner strength. The word diamond comes from the Greek word ‘adamas’, which means ‘unconquerable’. Diamonds are 58 times harder than anything else in nature and can only be cut by another diamond. We are most familiar with colourless diamonds, but they can also be green, blue, pink, red, yellow and even black.
According to various traditions and legends diamonds are protective talismans for warriors, the tears of the Gods, star splinters and crystallised lightning. They are believed to reflect the true nature of the wearer; if you are honest your diamond will sparkle and if you are dishonest the diamond will dull and darken.
The highly prized nature of diamonds means that there is a lot of controversy surrounding the practices used to mine them. If you want a diamond to celebrate an April birthday or other special occasion, ensure that your jeweller obtains their stones from ethical sources.
Birth Flower(s): Daisy and Sweet Pea
Celtic Birth Tree(s): Alder and Willow
Star Sign: Aries and Taurus
Inspirational people who were born in April: Charlotte Bronte | Maya Angelou | John Muir | Harper Lee 
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