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One-of-a-kind amethyst & snail shell charm stud dangle earrings 

Amethyst | The traditional birthstone for February, Amethyst is associated with St Valentine and with faithful love. The word Amethyst comes from the Greek word ametusthos, which means “not intoxicated” and throughout history Amethyst has been linked to preventing drunkenness and over-indulgence.

Obviously the Ancient Greeks and Romans had their own special take on this, routinely inlaying Amethyst in their goblets to prevent the wine within from having the power to intoxicate (rather than using it to help them stop drinking in the first place!)

Today amethyst is associated with contentment, wisdom and understanding. It is a talisman for focus and success that is believed to calm hot tempers.

Snail shell | Notoriously slow moving and complete with an armoured outer shell, the snail is a symbol of patience, strength and self-reliance. These tactile snail shell studs are ideal for anyone going through a challenging time and who needs reminding of their capacity for resilience and fortitude.

Dimensions | 30 x 10mm, 11mm stud pin

Weight | 4.2g each

Material | Sterling silver, amethysts