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Traditional Birthstone - Turquoise -  The name turquoise comes from the French turquois, meaning “Turkish”, because it was first brought to Europe from Persia via Turkey. Believed to be a symbol of wisdom and nobility, turquoise was prized by many ancient cultures, from the Aztecs to the Ancient Egyptians, and was even used to decorate Tutankhamun’s iconic burial mask.

The traditional birthstone for December, turquoise is also a symbol of friendship that is understood to promote forgiveness, both of others and one’s self.

Modern Birthstone - Tanzanite – Designated as a birthstone for December by the American Gem Association in 2002, tanzanite is a beautiful violet-blue gemstone, found only in Tanzania in central Africa. It was made popular internationally by Tiffany and Co. in the 1970s, though Masai tribes people had long known of its existence.

Tanzanian mothers are traditionally given tanzanite to wear during childbirth, because the Masai believed the stone could bring health and a long life to babies.