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The Mother’s Day Edit
For Feisty Mammas

In the water, the horned starfish looks pretty but its horns are heavily armoured and tiny shrimp, brittle stars and filefish seek refuge among them, hiding from other hungry ocean-dwellers. 


The horned starfish charm is perfect for protective mammas whose babies will never be too big to need a little help and protection in life!

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For New Mammas

In Norse tradition, the daisy is linked to Freya, goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, and is therefore associated with childbirth, motherhood, and new beginnings. 


The ideal choice for sun-loving mammas who love nothing more than taking the family for a long, lazy picnic on a warm summer's day, the W&F daisy charm is available with a chain or as hoop earrings

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For Strong Matriarchs 

Often associated with honour and wisdom, the oak tree is a living legend. This oak leaf and acorn duo is the perfect representation of family lineage.


An apt gift to celebrate the past, present and future achievements of all those multi-tasking powerhouse mums who seem to pack more into a single day than is humanly possible! 

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For Memory-Making Mums

It's not the money your mum spent on you that you remember over the years, its the things she did for you, the life lessons she taught you and the time she devoted to making your childhood memories. 


Throwing a sycamore seed in the air and watching it twirl to the ground is a simple pleasure of growing up. This statement necklace is the perfect Mother's Day gift for a mum who has worked hard to curate fond childhood memories.

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Ocean-Loving Mums

Sea urchins are considered to be protective amulets, so this charm is the perfect good luck charm for ocean-loving mums.


It's also a good way to pay homage for all the times your mum held your hand crossing the road, told you not to drink the cleaning chemicals and warned you not to talk to strangers. Who knows what would have happened to you if she hadn't been there to look out for you! 

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