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Roses are an internationally recognised symbol of love, but rosebuds are invested with distinct meanings to the open flowers. A red rosebud is thought to signify beauty and purity and a white one to be symbolic of girlhood.

Dating back to Ancient Egypt, the rose has been a symbol of silence and secrecy. In the middle ages a rose suspended from the ceiling of a council chamber pledged all present to secrecy, which lead to the coining of the term sub-rosa, which literally translates as “under the rose” and means confidential.

Our favourite use of the rose in this context comes from Roman times, when a rose painted on the ceiling of a banqueting hall was a reminder that anything said under the influence of wine should remain within those walls.

The Wild and Fine rosebud charms are therefore a great gift for a friend whose secrets and indiscretions you are happy to keep sub rosa!

Weight | 1.6g

Dimensions | 6 x 18mm

Materials | Sterling silver 

All Wild & Fine Jewellery is beautifully presented in Plastic Free packaging