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URCHIN CHARM NECKLACE Sterling silver | Aquamarine

The sea urchin test (hard outer shell) that was used to create this charm came from southern Africa. The sea urchin has a dubious reputation and is often associated with the painful injuries that can result from stepping on one. However, fossil urchins are considered to be protective amulets and it is for this reason that the sea urchin pendant is now part of the collection.

Weight | 5g

Dimensions | 12 x 20 mm

Material | Sterling silver

Gemstone | Aquamarine

The birthstone for March. Used as a talisman to protect those who travel by, over or near water. It is also believed to help relax people who have a fear of public speaking and to help them express themselves with clarity and conviction.

The Silver Urchin charm necklace is beautifully presented in plastic free packaging